Tell-a-Friend (Part 2)


Tell-a-Friend (Part 2)

Further research and recommendations for the Tell-a-Friend campaign.






NURS 4163


Lyren Chiu

City of Vancouver Partners:

  • Nadia Carvalho | Vancouver Immigration Partnership

Student Team:

  • Alicia Da Silva
  • Rachel Marr


  • New Start Strategy

City goal area(s):

  • Enhancing Newcomers' Access to Services

Community partner:

Special thanks to...

The Strategy Implementation Team members for their contributions and their unwavering support of this project: Dr. Bev Pitman (Community Impact Planner at United Way), Magdalena Ugarte (UBC Doctoral Candidate), Nicole Rallis (UBC Doctoral Candidate), Xiaoyang Luo (Pre-Arrival Services Co-ordinator at S.U.C.C.E.S.S.), Yvette Guo (Community Connections Co-ordinator at S.U.C.C.E.S.S.) and Kelly Sveinson (Langara College).


Building on the campaign research compiled by Langara nursing students in Spring 2017, students from this year’s NURS 4163 course further researched how to develop the Tell-a-Friend campaign and made recommendations for more effectively connecting newcomers to settlement services. Students interviewed local immigration services staff and conducted a literature review to produce their report.


Tell-a-Friend (Part 2)

Next Steps

Langara Integrated Marketing and Communications students will continue the Tell-a-Friend project next term by designing a campaign to recruit community navigators.

The Tell-a-Friend (Part 2) project was awarded People’s Choice at HUBBUB #11 on November 30, 2018.