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The University of British Columbia (UBC) is a key academic partner, supporter and funder. Their total participation as of fall 2018 is as follows:

Students: 1,439
Projects: 180
Faculty: 99
Courses: 78

Since our launch in 2011, students from a number of UBC faculties have participated in the Semester at CityStudio program, a semester-long immersive experience that provides students with the opportunity to co-create experimental projects with interdisciplinary teams. The course runs for one term, Monday through Friday.

Each term we also match projects with a number of campus courses and have been working with the Faculty of Education’s Masters of Education for Sustainability program since 2015.

See a list of current courses below or get in touch if you’d like CityStudio to work with your course.

Featured School Projects
Imagination Zone

Imagination Zone

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Buddy Up!

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Current Courses

Spring 2019

ENVR 400 – Environmental Capstone
1) Herring spawn habitat needs in False Creek. 2) Intertidal organisms health and shoreline design recommendations.
Instructors: Tara Ivanochko, Michael Lipsen
City lead: Angela Danyluk
City goal area: Access to Nature, Clean Water (GCAP)

LFS 350 – Land, Food and Community II
Reducing use of single-use items at the Killarney and Roundhouse community centres.
Instructor: Will Valley
City lead: Paul Gagnon
City goal area: Zero Waste (GCAP)

ECON 364 – Economics of Sustainable Development: Communities, Markets and Technology
Behavioural change campaign targeting consumers to bring their own cups for cold drink purchases.
Instructor: Catherine Douglas
City lead: Julie LeBlanc
City goal area: Zero Waste (GCAP)

SCIE 420 – Sustainability for the Community and the World
Developing an environmental stewardship toolkit for elementary school educators.
Instructor: Hannah Wittman
City leads: Krista Voth, Shirley Wu
City goal area: Access to Nature (GCAP)

CPSC 532L – Artificial Intelligence for Social Impact
Optimizing Vancouver parking system to balance Transportation 2040 goals with usability.
Instructor: Kevin Leyton-Brown
City leads: Rene Cravioto
City goal area: Green Transportation (GCAP)

UFOR 201 – Intro to Urban Forest Design
Student teams design the treed landscape of city blocks to address social wellbeing, stormwater management and canopy cover.
Instructor: Sara Barron
City leads: Yette Gram, Cameron Owen
City goal area: Environments to Thrive In (Healthy City)

UFOR 401 – Urban Forestry Capstone
Recommendations for increasing tree canopy in the city to combat the urban heat island effect.
Instructors: Stephen Sheppard, Cecil Konijnedijk, Paul de Greeff
City leads: Erin Embley, Leila Todd
City goal area: Environments to Thrive In (Healthy City)

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