Our Partner

Langara College is a key academic partner, supporter and funder. Their total participation in CityStudio as of Summer 2018 is as follows:

Students: 454
Projects: 66
Faculty: 31
Courses: 24

Each term we match a growing number of projects with Langara courses. See a list of current courses below or get in touch if you’d like CityStudio to work with your course.

Featured School Projects
I Heart Dunbar

I Heart Dunbar

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Current Courses

Spring 2019

APPL 5230 – Social Planning and Community Development
Developing and piloting Jane’s Walks in six neighbourhoods with a resilience focus.
Instructor: Kathryn Nairne
City Lead: Katie Tynan
City Goal Area: Cultivating Connections (Healthy City)

BUSM 4300 – Applied Business Project
Developing an implementation plan for Tell-a-Friend Campaign to be piloted at MOSAIC.
Instructor: Caroline Dickson
City Lead: Nadia Carvalho
City Goal Area: Enhancing Newcomers’ Access to Services (New Start)

SOCI 2230 – Research Methods in Sociology and Anthropology
Recommendations for user friendly street designs for residents with various accessibility needs.
Instructor: Sandra Enns
City Lead: Mike Zipf, Dominic Lao
City Goal Area: Green Transportation (GCAP)

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