Our City Partners

City of Vancouver

City of Vancouver

City of Vancouver is one of CityStudio’s founding partners. We have a core team of City of Vancouver Advisors and have also worked with over 150 City staff across a range of departments and teams since our launch in 2011, including the Sustainability Group, Cultural Services, Planning, Engineering, Elections, Vancouver Park Board and the Vancouver Economic Commission.

We are always looking to work with new City of Vancouver staff or in new project areas. Please get in touch to learn how you can participate.

Cities in Canada and Around the World

Good ideas should be shared. The CityStudio model is helping cities achieve:

  • Increased inclusivity
  • Skilled graduate retention
  • Increased citizen engagement
  • New civic partnerships
  • Innovation inside City Hall
  • Advancement of city strategies
  • Economic development support

We’re working to grow the CityStudio movement globally and have shared the model with cities across British Columbia, Ontario, Newfoundland and Australia.

Cities looking to launch their own CityStudio are invited to attend Art of Cities, our four-day conference that provides in-depth training for what is needed to build and launch a CityStudio in a new city.

We also have a number of other services available to cities.