2014 ShareableShareable City came together through a shared need to provide Vancouverites with more shareable resources in their city, while providing organizations and businesses a platform to connect and promote themselves through a highly regarded landing page for the Vancouver sharing economy.

Shareable.net, a non-profit based in San Francisco, is one of the leading online resources for the sharing economy. On April 1st Shareable launched the Sharing Cities Network, which aims to connect citizens to the sharing resources in their city as a way to reduce our ecological footprint and waste, as well as foster stronger communities that result in more resilient cities. This aligns with the Greenest City Goals and Healthy City Strategy. Our project facilitates Vancouver joining just 29 other cities from around the world in this exciting international pilot project that maps shareable resources here in our city.

On April 9th, we hosted a MapJam at CityStudio with Share Vancouver. With an attendance of  more than 50 people, we mapped over 50 additional resources of shared assets and sharing initiatives, from little free libraries and toy libraries to car shares and hack spaces. The MapJam created one, accessible platform on Vancouver’s shareable.net page that connects many with low-barrier, shared resources.


Heather Hamilton, Sarah Veness, Ebba Hassel, and Peter Warkentin.

Shareable Team


Share Vancouver is now the steward of the Vancouver Shareable.net webpage and will serve as the administrator of the page, updating the map and resources as people request to add content through Share Vancouver Facebook page.

A PDF copy of the report can be viewed here.


Vancouver on Shareable.net

CityStudio is a project school and energetic hub of learning and leadership inside Vancouver City Hall where students gain hands-on experience with complex real world problems, while co-creating solutions on the ground with City staff.  CityStudio also coordinates a large network of courses on 6 campuses that focus learning, research and action on challenges confronting the City.