2014 Food Share

Britannia Food Share is a CityStudio project that has connected a youth meal program with surplus food from local businesses along Commercial Drive.

The meal program supported by Grandview Woodland Food Connection gives teenagers the tools and skills to prepare nutritious meals on a budget. The Britannia Food Share addition empowers youth in this program to be environmental leaders by collecting and preparing repurposed food.

Britannia Food Share diverts edible food from landfills by collecting and distributing produce that stores do not sell. Making new connections in the local food chain fosters community and raises awareness of waste issues. By challenging existing structures that inhibit the reallocation of edible food, this project hopes to catalyze a shift towards a more sustainable food system and a lighter footprint.


Jennifer Vallee, Jasmine Wing, Jesse Gruneau, and Martin Kozinsky


The Food Share Project is being further developed this summer by Project Leads Jennifer Vallee and Ebba Hassel.

A PDF copy of the report can be viewed here.


Brittania Food Share is based in the Grandview Woodland area in Vancouver.


Britannia Food Share would like to thank the following people and organisations

Ian Marcuse – Grandview Woodland Community Food Developer
Trevor White – Britannia Teen Center Youth Meal Program
Grandview Woodland Food Connection
Grandview Woodland Food Connection


Eternal Abundance

Dollar Grocers

Drive Organics


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